After the shocking increase in the sales of properties in Turkey during the first semester of 2019, the Sales Rate kept rising depending on the latest statistics made by the Turkish Statistical Institute  (TURKSTAT ) for Rate of Real Estates’ Sale in Turkey: August – 2019.

Istanbul is ranking at the top of the list as the highest percentage of the sale for real estate in Turkey. Once again, foreign investors show that Istanbul is their favorite and most wanted destination for investments and settling. 

Rate of Real Estates’ Sale in Turkish Cities during August – 2019: 

Based on the latest statistics for Real estate sales in Turkey published on Wednesday by the  Turkish Statistical Institute for August / 2019 shows that during this month 3604 real estate is sold in Turkey. 

  1. Istanbul as always ranks the first, as it takes over 1549 apartments that are sold within its districts.
  2. Antalya goes second with 656 apartments.
  3. Bursa comes as third with the selling of 213 apartments.
  4. Yalova rank as fourth by selling 169 apartments.

Nationality ranking for Owning property in Istanbul:

  • Iraq is ranking as the first nationality that is settling in Turkey. The Iraqis bought over 675 apartments in August.
  • Iranians rank as second with the acquisition of 469 apartments in Turkey.
  • Russians come as third with the acquisition of 212 apartments
  • Kuwaitis rank as forth with the acquisition of 159 apartments.
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Taken from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT). 
Edited by Estaport.