Characteristics of City Yalova

Yelova is one of Turkey’s most prestigious places. This city Featured by its surroundings and atmospheres that blends the green color of nature and turquoise blue of the Marmara Sea. Yalova located in the north-west of Turkey. 47 km away from Istanbul. It has about 155,000 of population. What makes this city unique is the different number of races that exists within it, due to migration from the Balkans, Romania, Greece countries. This migration gave Yalova criteria and created a different fingerprint from traditions, customs, and culture.

Yalova characterized by a Mediterranean, tropical climate, which makes it one of the most popular places for stability or tourism.

One of the most important places in the city of  Yalova:



It is a small coastal town in the province of Yalova. Its coastline extends over 51 km which helped in the establishment of many world known resorts. It is one of the most important touristic destinations that tourists visit it from all over the world whenever they want. The tourism in this district is not limited to seasonal tourism.



ÇINARCIK is one of the most prominent touristic areas in Yelwa. It presents an artistic scene that mixes the beauty of beaches and forests. It also consists of natural health centers and hotels in addition to the historical monuments, dating back to the Byzantine and Roman era and away from the center Ylua 17 km.

Atatürk Köşkü yalova (Atatürk Palace in Yalova)


This palace mostly characterized by exquisite architecture. It is one of the oldest shortcomings since the establishment of the Turkish Republic. This museum contains the Conference Palace and the palace of Termal. This palace is one of the best palaces that impressed Atatürk because of the nature of the region and the purity of its lake.



It is 12 km away from Yalova City. Termal is famous for its annual reception of thousands of tourists due to the central resorts, historical and ancient buildings such as Hamam el Walida. Hamam el Walida goes back to the Ottoman era. It was restored during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II and was used by his mother as a hospital bath.

Sudüşen Waterfall

These waterfalls are7 km away from the Tremal region. They are famous for their natural landscapes and greenery lands, they are the most attractive to tourists.