Main Information about Bursa City


Bursa is a large, touristic city located in the northwestern side of Turkey, near the Sea of Marmara. Formerly the capital of the Ottoman Empire. It is famous by the mosques and the historical sites from the early Ottoman empire. Most people call her “Yeşil Bursa” (Green Bursa) due to the variety of parks, trees, as well as mountains.


Bursa is a touristic area with the views of Marmara on the north, and on the south Uludağ ancient mountain “great mountain” the Mysian Olympus, it is a world ski resort.

It is named the Green Bursa due to its large parks and green lands. It has also several waterfalls distinguished by its natural surroundings and meadows.

Best Places in Bursa

  • The waterfall of Saitabat 


The Saitabad’s waterfall located in Kestel and with a height of 82 m and surrounded by forests. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls.

  • The waterfall of Oylat


Located by the Oylat Cave, it is 70 km far for down town, this beautiful area characterized by its beauty and surrounding of lawns and forests.

  • The waterfall of Doğancı

It is 25 km away from the city of Bursa, next to the Doğancı lake. Around it, you get to find a charming green nature, which makes it a popular destination for picnics and camping.

  • Teleferik (Cable Car)

Telefrik Bursa

Visitors get to enjoy a unique, unforgettable experience in a cable car. it extends to 9 km above Uludağ mountain, the longest in the world. Those who seek adventure and pleasure to reach the snowy apex and get a global view of the city these cable cars are the best.

It is famous for its hot Font, located in the region of çekirge and the region of Oylat. These areas are full of Sulfur and iron originated from the mountain of Uludağ. Being a city that is of sulfurous water, It gives it a reputation and fame throughout the Middle East. It became the first destination for the majority of tourists.