What you Need to know about Istanbul City

Istanbul or “Constantinople” is the largest city in Turkey and the 8th largest city in the world. It is the beating heart of the country. Istanbul is the city of history. Its rich history of successive civilizations is appealing in every corner of this massive city. The city of Istanbul has always been one of the greatest city in history. It was a central city among several empires; it once was the capital of the Byzantine and then the Ottoman Empire.

 Istanbul an important destination

This city has a uniquely strategic location, on the Bosphorus (known as Golden Horns). It that straddles from Europe to Asia across the Bosphorus Strait. Istanbul grew as a major tourist destination for visitors from all over the globe, because of its historical centers of multiple civilizations, cultural and tourist centers and a significant economic center in Turkey. Istanbul is the most prosperous town in Turkey due to its many historical and tourist attractions from mosques, churches, museums, and gardens.

The most significant cities of Istanbul

The city stretches over 5,461 km 2 and consists of 39 municipalities.

of which are:

  • Fatih District

Fatih (Aksaray), is One of the most important districts in the city center and it is very close to the Bosphorus. Visitors consider it one of the most attractive areas that they like to visit as soon as they arrive at turkey.

It hosts the famous Mosque of Sultanahmet. This mosque distinguished by the combination of Byzantines and Islamic architecture. On the opposite side of the mosque, you get to see the Hagia Sofia Museum, which is famous for its mixed history. The president converted it from a church to a mosque, and in our days it is a monumental building. It consists of a structure that blends Byzantine and Ottoman architecture. Mosaic rocks used to cover the roof of the building and the colored stone along with the Ottoman writing covers the walls of the building.

  • Başakşehir

This area located on the European side of Istanbul. This district is the first destination for those who seek tranquility and prosperity, even in the real-estate field.

Başakşehir is one of the most important destinations for investors who want to own a real-estate in Turkey. It has a unique and quite atmosphere, far from the noise yet close to city centers. These features make of it an attractive destination for those who are asking stability and life in Turkey.

  • Beylikdüzü

Beylikdüzü Province located on the coastal line of the Marmara Sea at the European side of Istanbul. The city is famous for its green lands and public gardens. This region has recently witnessed a significant shift in terms of architecture and expansion.

now It has included several services for its inhabitants, transportations, public services…
These new features encourage investors to adopt Beylikdüzü as an initial destination if they decide to settle in Turkey.


Beylikdüzü has a great life standard and a vital location that makes it the perfect destination for those seeking stability.