One of the most important and most modern and sophisticated regions, it is also considered one of the most important financial centers in Istanbul, which has a strong impact on the Turkish economy, as it enriches it with large investments.

Sariyer district in Istanbul is distinguished by its vital geographical location, which is classified within the central areas of Istanbul, as it has views of the Bosporus.

The area has become one of the tourist destinations, as it includes a fragrant scent of history, and breezes that provide reassurance in the same scenes of the amazing Belgrade forests.

While you notice history tattooing itself on the landmarks of this area, you will be surprised by the modern style of skyscrapers and modern buildings, as Sariyer municipality includes the newest districts of Istanbul, Maslak and Levent.

Sariyer district in Istanbul extends over an area of ​​161 km2 with 38 districts and 9 sections, and it is one of the largest districts in Istanbul. It is inhabited by about 300,000 people.

Sariyer district borders Eyup Sultan , Besiktas , Sisli , and Kağıthane .

This vital location has earned it a high investment importance, as major construction companies flock to it to open projects that are classified as the most high-quality in Istanbul.

Real estate in the Sariyer area in Istanbul is characterized by its high prices, and it is preferable to live in it for the wealthy of Turkey, as it is a serviced area with public facilities of all kinds, health, education and entertainment.

And if we want to talk about the infrastructure, it is the best at all, and you can see this through the great development and diversity of transportation networks, regular streets and modern buildings.

Sariyer includes Maslak area, which is rich in local and foreign investments, as it is considered one of the 3 most important financial centers in Istanbul, in addition to Sisli and Atasehir Center in Asian Istanbul.

Other investment components cannot be ignored, as the region hosts the most important major banks and public and private companies, as well as famous skyscrapers such as the Ambassador Tower in Istanbul.

Sariyer has its own character, as the buildings are nested between a forest of trees and unique nature, which gives the viewer a breathtaking view if he decides to climb the highest floor of one of the skyscrapers in the area.