Kagithane In Istanbul

Istanbul has many residential areas and picturesque natural areas with extensive green spaces. One of them is the Kagithane district, which combines all this and which we will talk about in detail today.

Kagithane is one of the most significant areas of Istanbul, which is located in the European part of the country, on an area of ​​about 23 sq. Km. Its population is more than 400 thousand people who live and work here. The economy of this area makes a considerable contribution to the economy of the whole country.

Let’s rewind a bit back and learn about the history of this area.

The settlement of Kagithane was founded in the Byzantine period on lands along the course of the river of the same name. The first buildings appeared here, then these lands flourished more and more,

Guarded by the grace of the Ottoman sultans, who betrayed the great importance of this territory. Here, one after another, palaces were built, the first of which was Sadabad, built by order of the great vizier Ibrahim Pasha.

On the river bank, the construction of palaces continued, and over eight years their number reached 170 buildings. Gardens and surrounding territories are buried in fields dotted with tulips. unprecedented beauty.

With the onset of the Renaissance, the region fell under the influence of European neighbors. Here began the development of the economy, the growth of industry and the emergence of many private industries.

Soon Kagithane began to resemble a vast industrial center, where thousands of workers and migrants from different lands flocked. Owners of large capital settled here and continued to work, enriched by the growth of the economy of the region.

Due to the economic prosperity and political development, strengthening the position of Turkey in the world, this area has become a strategically important center for the whole country.

One of its main advantages today is its proximity to the center of Istanbul, the convenient geographical location, the presence of a large number of public transport that connects it with other areas.

Residents and guests of the district can receive the highest quality services: health care, entertainment and education in Kagithane are among the best in the whole city. All this raised the rating of the region to heaven.

Kagithane has undergone many different transformations throughout history, but the recent urban reconstruction, which began in 2007, has become the largest in the country. Thanks to large-scale real estate projects carried out recently, thousands of new apartments, apartments, offices and houses have appeared here, which caused a boom in demand for housing by the investor, as well as those who just want to get prestigious housing in Istanbul for themselves and their families.

The Turkish government pays close attention to the development of the district’s infrastructure. Shopping centers, hotels and schools, as well as many other significant social and commercial facilities, are being built or have already been built in the Kagithane area.

To become the owner of an apartment in Kagithane is a great success and prestige. Given the rapid pace of development of the area, the cost of housing will only increase over time. Real estate price growth heralds great success for investors in the future. Therefore, buying a home in a developing area of ​​Istanbul is a guarantee of the most profitable investment and the most comfortable stay if you make a purchase personally for yourself.

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