Zeytinburnu: Main Intersection of Istanbul City

Zeytinburnu located on the coastal side of the Marmara Sea. This district is one of the delightful and elegant districts of Istanbul. This area has an excellent location making it one of the best places to enjoy your luxurious and beautiful residence in Istanbul. It has all the means of transportation that will help you reach European and even Asian parts of Istanbul. The area of Zeytinburnu has many attractions to visit.

It is a gate to the history of Istanbul.

Panorama Museum

panorama museum
panorama museum

Within Zeytinburnu district you get to witness history with your own eyes. It contains the 1453 Panorama Museum which opened on January 31, 2009. This museum takes you back to 566 years ago to reflect the events of the Battle of Constantinople during the invasion of Ottoman Sultan Mohamed El Fateh for Constantinople. At the time it was the capital Of the Byzantine Empire. The museum enables you to experience different flavors of Ottomans and Turkish food in great restaurants.

Istanbul is the central city or as it is known with the Economic capital of Turkey. For visitors, Istanbul is the first attraction to visit. It attracts foreigner investors and tourists from around the world. A diversity of contemporary touch of architecture has dominated the constructions field in Istanbul. This city is most famous for its mixture of ancient Turkish designs

Zeytinburnu is one of the most popular districts of Istanbul. It contains an astonishing coastal side with a spectacular view on Marmara sea.