Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Group, the world’s largest hotel chain, plans to increase their hotels in Turkey from 80 to 100 hotels by 2020, in line with Turkey’s fast-growing market.

The group is currently working on two projects here, Wyndham Residence and Ramada Residence, targeting the middle class of tourists coming to the country.

In the study of the infrastructure of these two projects, the company is looking for serious potential and a chance to succeed.Demitris Manikis, the chairman of Wyndham Europe and Middle East, said that the company plans to implement these projects by 2020 in Turkey and is considering replicating them in other countries.

Manikis pointed out that Turkey’s tourism sector has great potential and strong opportunities, and that Wyndham is happy that there is a lot of work on its agenda that can be carried out in the country.