Investing in rental guarantee projects in Turkey has come into prominence as the most profitable decision according to the investors, it seems that investing in a property with continuous income is quite advantageous with high ROI.
The continuous income of a property means a rental guarantee, but this might not be valid for all types of properties!

What’s Rental Guarantee?

It is a unique system for those who are looking for investment and guaranteed return for specific periods, this system is provided by private contracting companies to its clients, as it is available in various types of residential projects, commercial or hotel apartments, and the property is also used to obtain residence or Turkish citizenship at the same time!

The return guarantee system is characterized by two types:

Rent Guarantee: It is a system that guarantees you to obtain a specific percentage of the total property price ranging between 7% and 12% annually and for a specific period, usually ranging from one year to five years, depending on the project and its type.

Re-Sale Guarantee: It is a system that guarantees you from the construction company to buy back the property from you after a specified period, usually after three years, and with a profit rate ranging between 25% and 40%, depending on the project and its type.

Sustainable Investment And Rental Income

The rental income is at the forefront target for the local or foreign entrepreneurs who decide to invest in Turkey because the investors usually would like to have continuous profit from their investment with high ROI, by renting for the long or short terms. In such a case, rental guarantee projects in Turkey becomes much more important.

In Turkey, the amount of rental guarantee projects increases in accordance with the demands of local and foreign investors. This situation might lead to concerns as to whether the rental guarantee is in danger. As we make our best efforts to provide you a fixed income model while removing your concerns.


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