The Ancient City of Üsküdar

You can never visit Istanbul without exploring Üsküdar. It is a district on the Asian side of Istanbul right by the Bosphorus side. It is right across Eminönü you can take the ferry from there it is also facing Taksim, Beşiktaş, and Arnavutkoy. Being a foreigner, the Asian side, in general, is the place where you feel comfy and enjoy your trip to turkey here mostly no one tries to take advantage of you to buy from him, and one bothers you. It is a safe, calm and elegant region.

To reach Üsküdar there three means of public transportation that can help you

  • Metro (this one goes from under the Bosphorus)
  • Metrobus
  • Ferry (from either Eminönü, Kadıköy)

You may also use your private transportation crossing the Bosphorus bridge.

Places to visit in Üsküdar:

  • kız kulesı (The Maiden’s Tower)

maiden tower
maiden tower

One of the oldest historical legacy, kız kulesi or the maiden tower. It witnessed the creation and development of the history of Turkish civilization. This tower has been standing at the heart of the sea since 410 B.C It witnessed the passage of emperors, different cultures, from the Greek Empire, Byzantine, the Ottoman Empire up to the creation of The Turkish Republic.

  • Nevmekan Sahil 

It is a public-academic place. It is a multi-functional place, used as studying space, library or art gallery in addition to meetings area and cafés.  Nevmekan Sahil distinguished with a unique touch of history and elegance. It is a circular room. Its wall covered with art painting and decorated with bookshelves. It is one of the most inspiring and mind relieving areas of Istanbul.

  • Çamlıca hill

This hill located at 268 m above sea level in Asian Istanbul – Üsküdar. From above the hill, you get to see Most parts of Istanbul. It is the highest hill of the seven hills of Istanbul. Çamlıca hill characterized with a breathtaking panoramic natural view that even reach for the golden horns and Sultan Ahmed.

  • Üsküdar Science Center

 science center

science center

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