Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

Obtaining citizenship, used to require owning a real-estate in Turkey with a value that is no less than 1,000,000$. After 18/09/2018, the Turkish government issued regulations in the Amendment of the Executive legislation. It guarantees the citizenship for foreigners that own a real-estate with a value of 250,000$. However, this law is under the condition of not selling the property for at least three years.

The nationality guaranteed to the investor and his family (husband/wife and children under the age of 18). Upon obtaining Citizenship, the investor can fully benefit from the rights of the Turkish citizens, including getting a Turkish passport and the right to vote.

At ESTAPORT, we offer our unique services to every investor who meets the required conditions. Our services are under the supervision of a legal entity (lawyer). In order to facilitate the procedures for the investor, The lawyer of our company is in charge of all the legal documents of the governmental institutions. We ensure that all procedures go smooth, simple and with minimal cost.

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