The Terms of getting Turkish Citizenship for Foreign Investors & Real-estate

How to get a Turkish Citizenship for Foreign Investors?

All Foreigner Investors can obtain Turkish Citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey after 18/09/2018. When the Investor gets the Tittle deed of the flat, the submission file which includes; the real estate valuation reports for each property, the bank receipts of the real-estate purchase, passports and other official documents of your own and your family.

Will my wife and my children get Turkish citizenship with me?

Yes, your spouse and children under the age of 18 will receive Turkish citizenship. Also owning a real-estate in Tukey guarantee advantages to the owner.

Can I buy and submit more than one property or only one?

Yes, you can submit more than one property in your file provided that you submit it together and have a total value of more than $ 250,000 at the submission of the application to the government.

How are they going to evaluate my property?

Some evaluation companies will evaluate the property’s real value. They are accredited by the Turkish government and the evaluation reports will be presented in your file to make it equal to your investment.

What if the value of the valuation differs from the value of the official property registered in the title deed?

In case there is a big difference between the two values, the property will not be accepted, the property whose value in the title deed is less than its value will not be accepted in the valuation reports.

I will buy property in Turkish lira but the law is denominated in dollars. How will the exchange rate be calculated?

The date will be the date of your purchase of the property, The exchange rate will be adopted according to the official Turkish Central Bank, so related to that you can calculate the value of your property in dollars.

How much legal period accepted for the age of real estate valuation report?

It is not allowed for the evaluation reports to exceed the maximum of three months before it is presented in the file

Can I pay for my property in cash when I buy it?

No, You cannot, the payment method must be via bank transfer exclusively from your bank account to the seller’s bank account, you need to provide the bank receipts evidenced by the documented bank of the sender and the bank of the receiver.

How long does it take to receive citizenship?

It takes about 3 – 7 months if your file is ready and your properties title deed is ready.

Can I sell my property directly or when I get citizenship?

No, you need to write a promise on the property deed not to sell the property for three years.

In the case of presenting all the conditions, will I have Turkish citizenship?

The Turkish government will examine the file of each investor, and based on the security study, the decision and the granting of citizenship by the decision of the presidency.

Are there certain conditions for the property itself? Can I buy a rental property and rent it?

There are no real estate requirements except for $ 250,000. You may buy the property you prefer even to rent it.

I do not have time to come to Turkey, how can I apply for the treatment?

You can give an agency from the Turkish Embassy to any consultant and they will process the file for you and depending on the agency it is possible to make all the measures for you with the power to represent someone on your behalf.

I have properties that I had previously bought in Turkey, can I use them?

To benefit from the Citizenship, offer for $ 250,000 you must purchase real estate after this date: 19/09/2018, And to benefit from the Nationality Law for $ 1,000,000 you can offer your properties in the period between the issuance of the resolutions between 12/1/2017 and 18/09/2018.

Therefore, the properties you have purchased before will not be able to benefit from them.

Can I buy my brother’s property? And my brother buys my property?

You must purchase the property from a Turkish person or company established with Turkish capital. Otherwise, the government will not accept it.

When I acquire as a Turkish nationality, will they ask me to give up my original nationality?

Turkey allows you to maintain your nationality and will not require any action, can keep both of them.