Every day, the attention of real estate investors is turned towards a distinctive region in Turkey, and the opportunities for neighborhoods and regions of Istanbul increase with its development and many advantages.

In this article, we accompany you on a tour to the Silvery area, which is witnessing an urban expansion and a renaissance in investment, through the sale of its lands, or the establishment of modern residential complexes, including villas and resorts with charming views. Where this region is the favorite destination for many tourists during the summer holidays, which combines the tranquility of the countryside and modernity.

Where is Silvery located?

Silvery district is located within the European section of Istanbul along the Sea of ​​Marmara, and it is the second largest area in Istanbul, bordered on the east by Buyukcekmece, on the west by Chorlu – and Marmara Eregli – and the districts of Tekirdag state, from the north by Çatalca, and from the south by the Marmara Sea.

What defines the Silivri region?

Its distinctive location and its direct view of the Marmara Sea distinguished it from the rest of the neighboring areas in Istanbul, making it a wonderful summer tourist destination, and a favorite destination for investors.
Silivri is the new urban extension of Istanbul overlooking the coast of the Marmara Sea.
Quiet area with modern flavor, full of services and entertainment places.
It directly overlooks the port, and is connected to a network of land and sea roads that make transportation to and from it easy.
An important agricultural region, which attracts a lot of tourism, commercial and real estate projects.
Its residents do not have to leave it constantly, due to the integration of social, medical, educational and entertainment services.
Istanbul municipality puts it in mind to develop its transportation network and urban projects.
What are the main services of Silivri municipality?

Silivri municipality is considered one of the municipalities distinguished by its services provided to the citizen or resident foreigner. The municipality has increased green spaces in the region, and established many parks, squares, shopping and entertainment centers. In Silivri, there is the Najmi Ayanwolu Governmental Hospital, and sports facilities belonging to the municipality, as well as schools, shops and fresh fish restaurants.

What makes you invest in Silivri Istanbul?

Since Silivri municipality’s interest in the area, the number of tourists, investors and people looking for villas in Istanbul has increased. The municipality has widely promoted visiting the region with its buses, and has called for universities to open branches there.

In the future, the Istanbul municipality plans to connect the metro line to Silivri, and establish a marina for yachts, and the importance of the region increased after the completion of the third Istanbul Bridge project, and laying the foundation stone for the Çanakkale-Tekirdag Express Road project, which will pass through it.

In the coming years, the Turkish government will move six million people to live west of Istanbul in Silvery.

All of the above indicates that Silivri will indeed be the newest star of Istanbul that shines for real estate investors, as the demand will be high for apartments, villas and land, and the development of its transportation network will raise the prices of real estate in the region and achieve profits for investors.

Investment opportunities in Silivri

And for those who want to buy villas in Istanbul or live in quiet residential complexes, with a direct sea view of the Marmara Sea, We advises you to search in Silivri, and offers you many real estate projects that are a real investment opportunity for ownership or investment. Real estate consultants expect Silivri Istanbul real estate to return abundant profit to property owners within the next few years.