The real estate sector in Turkey is one of the most important real estate markets in the world, as its growth has increased significantly in recent years, while it is witnessing comprehensive care by the Turkish state, as the rise was not surprising, but came after a great development in various aspects of economic life in addition to the interest in the infrastructure that supports this sector and provides it with a base on which to build to meet the needs of the population in various old and modern neighborhoods from all angles, between the development of means of transportation and the construction of public facilities and recreational places in addition to the markets that are widely spread, whether traditional or modernist, such as malls Turkey has witnessed a major quantum leap in it

And based on what was mentioned previously, the real estate sector in Turkey is witnessing a remarkable increase in demand for buying real estate in various Turkish regions and cities, as many foreign investors seek ownership in addition to those who find in Turkey their safe haven to reside, live and settle in addition to international students who their numbers increase annually due to the advantage of Turkish universities over their counterparts and the good economic advantages, between a good average living, reasonable prices and a very high level in the quality of education. Many international students seek to join these universities.

Real estate in Turkey is not limited to residential apartments only, but goes beyond that to commercial apartments between offices related to companies and other tourism, in addition to the abundance of villas, private homes and hotels that bring huge returns as well as the availability of land whose price increases according to the general growth of the real estate sector in Turkey. Makes investment in the Turkish real estate sector an important matter that generates returns and revenues for investors that exceed their investments in other countries that may not have many advantages in Turkey

Istanbul is not the only one among the Turkish cities that is witnessing a growth in the real estate market in Turkey, but many cities that increase in numbers annually are witnessing an intense and increasing demand in recent years for the real estate sector, as cities such as Izmir, which is considered one of the most economically emerging cities in Turkey, has recently witnessed remarkable growth in this The field, except for Trabzon, which is considered to be God’s paradise in its land, where the tourism sector is witnessing a great growth, which greatly increases the number of tourists, which has pushed the real estate sector strongly forward and made it one of the most important real estate markets in Turkey. The price of real estate in it There is no doubt that investing here is a really feasible idea

Foreign investors in the real estate sector in Turkey know very well the ease of government procedures that contribute to their ownership of their assets in their names and the ease of these steps and their practical application without any obstacles mentioned in this aspect, so it is worth mentioning here that taxes are also among the lowest taxes imposed on the real estate sector For foreigners in the world where foreign investors have been exempted from value-added tax, which, if added, raises the price of the property significantly, which deserves to make the experience of buying real estate in Turkey a quick matter so that a person can benefit from this exemption and save a lot of money.

But before delving into the real estate sector in Turkey, a person must choose the best companies that provide their real estate services. Whatever general information he possesses, he will not be able to search on his own, as there are many mysteries and details that he may not realize, so he falls prey to trolls and passing brokers who do not care about what you will get. Therefore, they are most concerned about what they will get from you, so investors should carefully study companies and go to one that can provide advice and provide a lot of suitable options that save you the trouble of searching for long months, in addition to the reassurance that you will feel when you are in the hands of experts who have the smallest details in The real estate sector in Turkey, so you get what you want and reach your desired goal in the simplest way