The economic development that has occurred in Turkey and that renaissance in the country is only one result, namely the modern technologies that have been introduced to the country and in all fields, whether medical, agricultural, engineering and many others, and the renaissance revolution that took place in the Turkey did not leave a part but it has affected it even in the real estate field, that is, this modernity has been introduced to homes and apartments, so it is called smart homes because they are the tools in which they depend on themselves, making it easier for home residents and save a lot of effort, fatigue and hard work, these smart homes do not differ much from the rest of the ordinary homes, but the difference between them lies in It is only the modern technical equipment, and we will review the most important technologies found in smart Turkish homes.

What is the principle on which smart Turkey apartments operate?

First and foremost, as we mentioned earlier in the conversation earlier that smart homes depend on modern technologies in particular and technology, and one of the most important of these smart tools is the technology of buttons that with a small press on it you can control the device that you want to use such as lighting devices, TV screen, air cooler, doors in addition to curtains also with one click you can To open or close them, all this is in addition to all kitchen appliances, all of them depend on modern technology, and houses in Turkey with a smart character can control the external windows of the house in Turkey, when the air conditioners work, they close on their own, they are connected automatically, as well as Smart homes in Turkey have a safety net that creates a sound that attracts your attention when an emergency occurs, such as a fire, for example, or in the event of a short circuit, this network disconnects the current from the house in Turkey, so we conclude that these homes do what you want to do.

Details of smart Turkey houses and apartments:

There are many small details that usually occupy smart apartments in Turkey, for example we have surveillance cameras in children’s rooms so that they can be monitored by parents, and the lighting devices are sensitive only when you are in the place and when you go out, they turn off. As for the external doors of Turkish homes, you do not need a key. It works by fingerprint or card, and there is a way in which you can communicate with the apartment in Turkey while you are outside, so you send him a text message and he answers you as well, and the refrigerator communicates with you and sends you an alarm if the foods in it are spoiled, but if you neglect your green plants in the garden of the house in Turkey will tell you that it is necessary to irrigate it, and in the event that a fire breaks out in the house, the relevant authorities are called automatically, and when the temperature rises in the house, the coolant works on its own.

What are the features of smart Turkey apartments?

It suffices you to comfort and luxury that when you own a smart property in Turkey that you will be in touch with your home permanently and you will be aware of the smallest details that occur in your absence from it, it is true that when you acquire it you will pay more money than you would pay in regular Turkey apartments, but this additional amount will return to you over time. Since it is a purely economical home that saves energy and protects the home from being stolen in the event that you are not at home.

When was Turkey’s smart apartments system launched in the world?

This project was launched for the first time in the world almost immediately after past the nineties in Germany, and after a few years after the start-up project, almost five percent of German homes operate with this advanced system. Now, after the second millennium passed by several years, it becomes clear to us that all homes in Germany are now working with this. The system, of course, for this project as we can call it, except for the comfort and luxury it provided to the population, it saved a lot of consumed energy until the savings rate nearly touched fifty percent, and this in itself is a great achievement, and after Germany, this modernist system spread in all countries of the world and was done Welcoming him as well, and Turkey is one of the countries that opened the door wide for him while preserving the traditional type of houses.

Do smart homes in Turkey have any downsides?

We can never deny the merit of smart homes or the amount of services that they provide to their owners, and it is also likely that their IQ will increase with the coming days, if it becomes clear to us how many advantages they give us, but whatever the thing is full of what is useful it must have disadvantages or Disadvantages, which is the case with the smart system that could be compromised because it depends on the Internet. And if the Internet is down, so will the entire system at home.

How much does a smart Turkey house cost?

Certainly, according to the amount of the many features that it provides, its cost will be higher than normal apartments in Turkey, and it may reach one thousand and four hundred dollars, and this cost is not fixed for all homes, it is possible that this amount will exceed this, but if you want to reduce the costs, you can reduce the features inside The house, but the most important elements that must be present are the heating system, energy saver, alarms and locks to protect the home in Turkey

It is certain that we were in the midst of an advanced journey whose idea emerged nearly three decades ago, which began to be unique and today has reached a very advanced stage of modernity and sophistication, with its advantages and disadvantages that are a demand and goal of many people in the world.