Sisli the heart of Istanbul || The Most Important Real Estate Areas in Istanbul

The history of the Şişli region, is full of interesting events. These lands were used for hunting, agriculture and entertainment of the nobility, and during the Ottoman era it became a residential area for the middle class.

The architectural plan of Şişli features wide streets and neat stone buildings with high ceilings. The architecture of the city was greatly influenced by French culture: artistic painting of buildings, iron balconies and elevator shafts in the middle of the staircase became its legacy.

The dominant class that historically inhabited Şişli was merchants. The city was multinational – Greeks, immigrants from the Balkans, Armenians on a pair with the Turks lived here, coexisting in harmony with each other. Many of the Levant merchants who settled in Istanbul wished to live under the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

Şişli is one of the first districts where tram lines were laid, electricity was extended and gasification was carried out. During the time of the Republic, many imposing buildings and wide roads were built here, such as Halaskar Gazi, which passes through Istanbul’s Şişli market, which has survived to this day. It is a bustling bazaar full of high-vaulted shops on either side of the road.

The district boasts a favorable geographical position: it is located in the European part of Istanbul, close to the city center and its main roads, therefore, it has become a crossroads of busy city arteries. Here, the trade spirit is combined with echoes of ancient history. This is how a rich historical past and a vibrant modernity intertwined in the heart of Istanbul.

The construction renaissance of Şişli has survived quite recently thanks to the city-wide construction boom. Hundreds of high-rise buildings with modern residential apartments and luxury residential complexes have been erected, which have made the area attractive to investors and buyers of real estate for permanent residence.

Here are the main advantages that make Şişli very attractive from this point of view:
* Location in the center of Istanbul and proximity to vital tourist areas such as Taksim, Besiktas, Sarier, Levent, Eyup
* Proximity to the sea
* The most famous universities in the region and various schools
* Excellent transport links: metro, buses
* Social, cultural and religious diversity, while ensuring the safety and friendliness of the local population
* Many archaeological sites visited by tourists from all over the world
* Availability of supermarkets, shopping centers and several five-star hotels of international level

Şişli is the embodiment of the dream of the peaceful existence of different people, surrounded by the beauty of historical architecture, the charm of a unique mix of history and modernity