FAQ – Real Estate in Turkey

Who can own a Real Estate in Turkey?

  • All foreigners can buy a Real Estate in Turkey as long as they fit for the terms of the government. Except for Citizens from Syria, Armenia, and North Korea.

If I buy property in Turkey, can I get the residence permit? Or should I get it before the buying process?

  • Yes, after finishing the buying process our lawyer takes care of the residence permit procedure
  • No, you don’t have to extract a residence permit before buying the house

When I can get Turkish Citizenship? How?

There are 3 ways to get Turkish citizenship, either the traditional methods:

  • Marriage from a Turkish
  • live for 5 years in Turkey
  • buy a property with a value of 250,000$ and get right away. (for more info click HERE)

What is TAPU?

  • It is the Title Deed of the house – the official document of the property.

Can I become a Turkish citizen if I buy a property?

 Will the property be freehold?

  • Yes, All Properties in Turkey are freeholds.

What are the Necessary Documents for Buying a Property?

  • The necessary documents for buying a property:
  • An electricity bill of a maximum of three months (a two-month bill would be better and more efficient).
  • A copy of the sworn translated passport of the customer (in Turkish).
  • Three recent photographs of the buyer.
  • Copy of the seller’s title of the property to be transferred to the customer later on.
  • The buyer’s Turkish tax number (Tax Number our company will extract it for its clients).

What are the Necessary Documents Needed for Residence Permit?

This residence permit is called an Ownership residence permit it is short and renewable. It is for foreigners who own a real estate in Turkey.  This permit is granted for the buyer of the house, the spouse (husband/ wife) and children under the age of 18.

  • The necessary documents for a residence permit:
  • A valid passport for a minimum period of six months.
  • A sworn translated family statement of children (Turkish).
  • The title deed of the property.
  • Property earthquake insurance.
  • Health insurance in Turkish territory for each member of the family (who are allowed for a residence permit).

which is better to buy: under construction or ready apartments?

Ready Apartments:

  • Ready to move in
  • No installment
  • Higher price than under-construction
  • For Personal usage
  • Ready Title Deed

Under construction:

  • Lower Price
  • With Installment
  • Suitable for investment
  • Annual Revenue Starts from 6%

Can foreigners get a mortgage?

  • Not to all the country only specific once
  • Need too many documents
  • There will be interest in the original price
  • Not a 100% guaranteed

There are payment plans in the projects presented by the construction companies, that ease things up for the clients, and it does not require interest.

I have no Idea about law and legal procedure. How can finish the procedures of buying the property?

  • No problem with that. Our lawyers will take care of all the legal procedure for you.

What are the other expenses I need to pay for it?

  • Tax for the title deed 3% from the property price.
  • Translation and Expertise report.

What about furnishing my property?

  • If you wish to buy a furnished property. Or We will recommend a place to buy from.

What Services Does Estaport Offer?

What are the limits for foreigners when purchasing property in Turkey?

  • Rural areas and military zones.