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Pre-sales services

Pre-Sales Services

ESTAPORT committed to providing the best services to its customers. Starting with Pre-sales services, We follow with our client from the moment of their arrival to Turkey until the transformation of the property. We make sure that the procedure goes smoothly and securely, in addition to the property management services provided by the company based on international standards.

pre-sales services are as follows:

-Receiving the customer at the airport upon his arrival in Istanbul.

-In case of settling the deal of buying a real-estate, the company guarantees five days accommodation, for two persons at its own expenses.

-Providing the best offers for the customer depending on its request (residential-commercial- investment property /cash- installment /under construction-ready for housing).

– Arranging an exclusive tour for the properties to be purchased.

-Providing help and carrying out negotiations with construction companies to get the best prices for our clients.

-Extracting a tax number allowing the client to carry out legal transactions in the Turkish government departments easily.

-Opening a bank account that enables the client to transport money easily and to facilitate the payment process.

-Contracting with a real estate expertise company to Study and evaluate the property in order to determine its official price.

-Following-up with the transfer of property ownership and ensuring that the contract if free of any contractual problems.

Pre-sales Services
Pre-sales Services
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