Leading by the Libyan and Iraqis … Foreigners buy 46 thousand properties in Turkey in 2019

The Turkish Statistics Authority said that the percentage of real estate sales during the past year increased by 14.8 percent compared to 2018,

And the number of properties sold to foreigners increased from 40 thousand during 2018 to 45 thousand and 967 during the past year.

The statement added that the Iraqis maintained the first position in the list of foreigners who most bought real estate in Turkey during the past year by purchasing 7596 properties,

Followed by the Iranians with 5423 properties, and the Russians came in third place by purchasing 2893 properties, and then the Saudis came with 2208 properties.

Libyan citizens topped the list of foreigners who bought real estate in Turkey during the past year,

The proportion of their purchase increased to 143 percent, reaching 1103 properties during 2019 compared to 454 properties during 2018.

Turk Press