The Shining District of Kadıköy

Kadıköy is a residential coastal district on the Asian side of Istanbul. The panoramic sights of its neighborhood, such as the Moda neighborhood, go across the Sea of Marmara up to the Sultanahmet’s horizon. Its curved streets and buildings with colorful street art are a homeland to boutiques and Anatolian restaurants.

Kadıköy have a great position at both sight and leisure. It was named first by The Phoenicians as Kalkedon. The historical fortune of Kadıköy reflects its cultural texture. It has been a central, attractive pole for tourism with its graceful minarets that reach up to the sky, churches, monuments, cemeteries, alleys, and parks.

Some of the places that send vibes in Kadıköy district

  • Moda neighborhood

Moda neighborhood in Kadıköy has an astonishing site by the sea. Located on the Anatolian region, it is one of the fabulous areas that you can reveal from under its skin the secrets of ancient history. It is a paradoxical place, touristic and crowded, yet refreshing and calm. The traffic in this area is way less than in the most district of Istanbul. The choice of the diversity of restaurants and bars distinguished with a unique European touch. It does truly feel like a comfy and warm neighborhood.

  • Barış Manço Museum


The museum devoted to the TV star and rock musician Barış Manço, it is an exhibition in his former home.  The house has many different sections. It has three floors and a basement. The entrance stands a masterfully carved statue of Barış Manço, and next to it the display of the Steinway B2010 piano, that is considered as Barış ‘s “biggest dream” as he said. Barış Manço is an icon, a leading artist and one of the founders of the Anatolian rock genre.

  • kadife street in Kadıköy

It is a Lively street with unique bars and a comfortable atmosphere. It is the heartbeat of the nightlife on the Asian side of Istanbul.

  • Moda Çay Bahçesi



It is a tea garden with an exceptional view of the sea. Tea, coffee, and light snacks served all around the garden, with an overlooking view of the Marmara Sea. It’s a commonplace, but the tiny details of its structure make it unique such as the canopy above and between the trees, made of grass, and the breathtaking sight of the sparkling water.

  • Kadıköy Bazaar

Kadıköy Bazaar is one of the most delightful things you can visit in Kadıköy while visiting the bazaar you will not be able to hold on to buying some marvelous souvenirs. Fishers, book shops, and souvenir shops reflect a unique ancient picture of the place. You will be able to taste the most delicious fish ever and fish sandwiches that visitors must try it out.

  • Eat ice cream at Ali Usta

Ali Usta
Ali Usta

Ali Usta is the most famous and delicious ice cream in the area. People would wait so long so they can eat Ali Usta’s ice cream in both summer and winter time.