Investing in Turkey Real Estate in Istanbul as a Profitable Investment

The real estate market in Turkey today is one of the fastest growing in the world – and provides international investors with interesting opportunities for generating income. Consider which market sectors will allow you to invest as profitably as possible, and what features should be considered when buying.

The Turkish real estate market has almost completely recovered from the crisis, and Istanbul is now a real point of attraction for foreign investors who want to profitably invest their capital.

For several years, real estate prices in Istanbul did not decrease, which could not fail to attract investors looking for cost-effective investment options.

Today, the cost of real estate in Istanbul is almost at an ideal level for investment.

The real estate market in Turkey in 2018 showed a transition from a zone of weak recovery to the active phase. And if the first half of the year could still be called a rehabilitation period in the resumption of market growth,

According to the latest data of the Statistical Organization of the Republic of Turkey (TÜİK), in 2020 the volume of real estate sales among foreigners increased by 14.7% compared with the figures a year ago. Total sales rose to 43,483 units of real estate.

Statistics are also showing growing interest in Istanbul as a destination for investment. So, in the second quarter of 2020, this region became the leader of Turkey in terms of growth in foreign investment. Istanbul opens up great prospects for doing business.

In addition to the investment promotion factors listed above, Istanbul offers several indisputable advantages: strategic location, excellent climate, fast-growing economy, high competition, excellent business prospects, well-developed infrastructure and transport links, rich cultural and historical heritage, etc.

So, everything indicates that Istanbul is currently one of the best areas for investment in Turkey, including real estate, especially if the investment budget is not very large.

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