How to obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate investment?
Today, we will talk about a question that many foreigners coming to Turkey ask, which is how to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment ???.

How to obtain Turkish citizenship has become a question that occupies many minds, especially after the issuance of the Turkish Citizenship Law, which answers the question that foreigners ask, which is how to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.

The Turkish Nationality Law has attracted the attention of many investors around the world, especially from the citizens of many countries in the Arab region who are looking for more facilities in their travel and movement. The Turkish nationality law and the facilities for obtaining Turkish citizenship encouraged many to obtain it, especially that it does not contain any risks.  it is simple and does not need to be complicated, it is a type of real estate investment.

So, what is the real estate law through which I can obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment?

The Turkish naturalization law is a law whereby obtaining Turkish citizenship is provided and was issued in 2010, but the law was amended in 2018, and through this law, Turkish citizenship can be obtained for everyone who wishes to invest in Turkey with one of the types of investment, which includes:

The first is to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership through the investor’s owning of any property in Turkey with a minimum value of 250 thousand US dollars and you on the condition that the property is not sold for a period of three years. This is your first choice, or you can obtain Turkish citizenship by depositing the equivalent of 500 thousand A minimum of US dollars in a Turkish bank for a period of three years.

You can also by hiring at least 100 Turkish employees to obtain Turkish citizenship, or by purchasing government bonds of $ 200,000, as a minimum.

After obtaining Turkish citizenship, you will enjoy many advantages, so Turkish citizenship has a global status, as the Turkish passport is frequency between 36 and 39 in the world, and until the beginning of 2020, the Turkish passport ranked 121 points on the travel index without a visa, so holders can enter more than 72 countries without obtaining Pre-entry visa (visa), 42 countries grant Turkish citizens a visa upon arrival, and 7 countries grant an electronic entry visa that is obtained online.

Another advantage of Turkish citizenship is the possibility of obtaining an E2-class American investor visa, which is usually given for two years to investors coming to America from some countries with which it is bound by friendship, trade or navigation treaties, including Turkey.

What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment?

In the case of real estate investment and obtaining Turkish citizenship, Turkish law stipulated that the property must meet some conditions for those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship in return for owning a property, which are:

That the value of the purchased property / real estate is worth $ 250,000 and more, or its equivalent in Turkish currency, according to the exchange rate.

Registering the property in Turkey legally in the Land Registry Department, whether this property is ready, or it is apartments and real estate with a floor easement / or under construction.

That the property is purchased from a person who has Turkish citizenship or a Turkish construction company.

That the value of the property be paid through a regular bank transfer.

Foreigners are also required to obtain a real estate appraisal report from a real estate appraisal company approved by the Turkish government

As for the conditions that must be met by the property buyer

Firstly, for the property buyer in Turkey to be from one of the nationalities that fall under the Turkish nationality decision in exchange for owning a property, as the naturalization law in Turkey included all nationalities except for some specific nationalities in addition to the property buyer being an adult person, and Turkish citizenship is granted to each of the property owner, his wife and children Those who are under the age of 18 years, on the other hand, the buyer is obliged not to sell the property for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase

And you will obtain Turkish citizenship after you know the mechanism for obtaining Turkish citizenship, which is as follows:

The documents required to complete the steps for obtaining Turkish citizenship

* A copy of the title deed of the property that was purchased (the title deed), or the promise to sell / forward sale contract (upon purchase within the floor easement, or on the map) with the notary.

* Real Estate Appraisal Report: It is a report issued from one of the appraisal institutions that are legally licensed by the Turkish government

* Receipts for payment of the original price of the property from the buyer’s account, stamped with the sender’s bank seal.

* Receipts for the original price of the property from the seller’s account, stamped with the seal of the receiving bank.

* Two copies of the special agency from the buyer of the property to the law team with the application to apply for Turkish citizenship, which is organized by the notary in Turkey, which gives the right to submit the Turkish citizenship file and follow it up with the official departments

* Translating the original passports into Turkish for all family members: husband and wife, and children who are under the age of 18 years, and attesting them from a notary in Turkey (Notre).

* Birth certificate translated and certified for each family member.

* A translated and certified copy of the marriage contract.

* Translation of the family book or family statement document.

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