Economic Development in the City of Bursa

Recently The city of Bursa has become one of the most famous cities not only on the national borders of the Turkish state but on the International level. The economic field in Bursa is witnessing a remarkable shift in terms of tourism and even in real estate. Bursa or Green City is one of the largest cities in Turkey. It was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Bursa has mesmerizing cultural heritage and various historical monuments. It is the mixture of religion (Christian – Islamic) and culture with an estimated population of 2,450,000 people. It is one of the main attractions for tourists and for those who seek stability or permanent residence.

What makes this city a remarkable land of beauty is the view on the Marmara Sea in addition to the famous Uludag Mountains and various waterfalls with green lands. All the feature Make it a first-class tourist attraction and a second-class investors attraction. During summer you get to enjoy the heat of the sun and in winter you can never get bored from the view and smell of snow.

Bursa is the first destination for many investors who want to buy property for investment or permanent residence. Because in Bursa they can benefit from low and variable prices of the new buildings. The modern and elegant architecture is the new title for Bursa projects.


The economic movement of Bursa recently witnessed a significant development in the public and private sectors. The switch is mainly in terms of the diversity of governmental factories and private industrial establishments (machinery, metals, textiles, and food). Therefore it contributes significantly to the economy of Turkey, which ranks the sixth over the world in terms of economic and social development.

This drag the eyes of all investors that wish to establish a company or work to this city. This is due to the availability of all the elements that encourage development.