Acquiring Turkish Citizenship Through Owning a Real Estate

In the movement to boost the investment for real estate in Turkey, the Turkish government made regulations in the Amendment of the Executive legislation. Those regulations deal with the acquisition of Turkish citizenship. As a result of the regulations, the annual revenues of investment of the real estate of foreigners is meant to be double.

Over the years the only way for foreigners to acquire citizenship is through typical methods; three years of marriage from a Turkish person or spending five years living within the Turkish borders.

Lately, the terms of owning Turkish citizenship changed. Now foreigners can have the advantages of owning a real estate in Turkey.  therefore now they can become Turkish citizens through buying a real estate either for personal use or investment. With a total of 250,000$ foreigners can benefit from Turkish citizen rights. You can buy ONE real estate or more in Turkey.

You no longer have to wait for at least three years to get it. We at ESTAPORT help you to obtain your dream. We guide you through your choice and assist you with the legal documents. However, after the selling process, we help you in getting the residence permit or the citizenship not only for you but for your wife and children under the 18 years old. We also help you taking care of all your legal documents.