Tips for Buying Real-Estate in Turkey:

 To choose a suitable home, it should be clear for you why Buying Real-Estate in Turkey and what is the purpose to buy the property. it usually either for investments or installment. Both cases are different, Therefore, choosing the right and appropriate property depends on different standards

: Main Characteristics of Investment Properties

When looking for a suitable property for your needs you must pay attention to certain conditions concerning the location, the area surrounding, criteria of the property, and the neighborhood. Being at a famous place is not a priority. However, developing urban areas are much worth it. Usually, prices in these areas are reasonable and appropriate with an expectation of increase with time. Investors should take into consideration the conditions of the neighborhood, and if the values of the property increase with time or stable? These conditions give a great investment profit

For a great return on investment, investors usually interested in hotel apartments and offices for investments, for this reason, we highly recommend them for our clients, this can guarantee the stability of investment in these areas in addition to appropriate annual returns



What is the best city for real estate investment in Turkey?


Istanbul ranked as the first city in best-selling for real estate, which accounted for 17% of the total real estate sales across Turkey. Where the real estate sales statistics of 2018 in Istanbul for foreign citizens 19,150 properties

 Investors in Istanbul are looking for areas with major governmental projects, particularly in the European section of Istanbul. Such as the TEM highway, E5, Istanbul Canal, and Basin Express. Property prices in these areas are expected to rise.

What are the standards for choosing the right home?

Choosing the location of the house: It is the most important in terms of the neighborhood, markets nearby, transportation, educational institutions, and health centers.

Accuracy in the interior selection of internal aspects. Must take into account the home decor, rooms’ design, and the quality of the property.

The price of the apartments increases in proportion to the characteristics of each apartment. The higher the quality and the higher the price of the apartment. Modern residential complexes are usually more expensive due to the services of the residential complexes, their security, and other features.