Başakşehir is one of the most remarkable districts in Istanbul. Başakşehir means the wheat city, and it was named like this because of the cultivation of wheat that is widely spread there. Moreover, Başakşehir is one of the newly developed urban areas, The total area of Başakşehir is about ten thousand square kilometers.

There are plenty of apartments for sale in Başakşehir, and these apartments are of many different areas according to the needs of the buyer. Başakşehir has become the focus of attention of many individuals from inside Turkey or abroad and luckily, there are many apartments for sale in Başakşehir to provide an excellent residence in Turkey.

Başakşehir is located in a prime location in the European side of Istanbul. It is bordered to the North West by Şamlar Lake, which is one of the fresh lakes used to supply Istanbul with water. To the South, Başakşehir is also bordered by The Marmara Sea. Some of the most well-known places surrounding Başakşehir are Bağcılar, Ayub, Esenler, Esenyurt, and Kuçukçekmece.

 Başakşehir is famous of being a quiet area far from the hustle and bustle that many other areas suffer from. It is indeed a great residence for the lovers of tranquility, while the prices of apartments there are very exceptional compared with other apartments in Turkey.

The district of ​​ Başakşehir has an extended network of roads linking it with the rest of the Turkish cities and governorates. The common forms of public transport of the subway and public cars are all available and certainly not the only forms possible, and that enable citizens an easy access the entire area. Indeed, the owner of apartments in the area of Başakşehir, will never find it difficult to move, even when they do not have a private car.

Apartments’ Prices in Başakşehir:

The prices of apartments in Başakşehir are very special compared to the other cities and provinces, and this was one of the incentives that attracted a lot of people to buy an apartment in Başakşehir. All this was due to real estate investments that increased in this vital region. Thus the prices decreased because of the market competition among the companies investing in the real estate market, which led to decrease the prices of apartments in Başakşehir, which is in favor of buyers at the moment.

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