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In the European part of Istanbul, there is a calm and beautiful area – Bagcilar. Despite its small size, the area is characterized by a developed urban environment and a large number of cultural sites, and is also rapidly developing due to its favorable location. Bagcilar goes to Basin Express and the E-80 highway, which is considered one of the most important highways connecting the busiest districts of the city.

The development of the region’s infrastructure and its popularization is not a mere coincidence. It has a comprehensive landscaping plan that aims to create the ideal living environment.

The district continues to develop, receiving special attention from the authorities, which means that the volume of investments in construction and local business will only grow. Accordingly, the demand for real estate on its territory will also increase.

Bagcilar today is at the forefront of Turkish cities with developed infrastructure due to many undeniable advantages. All institutions necessary for life and work are located here. The area is home to well-known hospitals throughout the country, such as Medicana, Medipol Hospital, Ozal 34 and other major medical centers. There are also educational institutions: schools, institutes and universities, including Doga College, IOSB Private College of Technology, Swedish-Turkish Scholarship School and International School.

For shopping and leisure, several shopping centers have been built here: Mall of Istanbul, Vialand, large and small shops of all necessary goods operate. As you might guess, the construction of shopping and entertainment centers continues.

The archaeological site, inspired by the region’s ancient past, remains the largest witness to its history. On the territory of Bagcilar there are historical objects, the depths of which are rich in ancient treasures and historical monuments. Tourists will also find many interesting things for themselves here. Theaters, cinemas, entertainment centers, hotels, combined with all the comforts of civilization, make this area very travel-friendly. And here it is also cozy and you can feel the tranquility uncharacteristic for large southern cities.

Bagcilar is an example of how the local population and the government cooperate to preserve and enhance the achievements of the region. This predicts the future prosperity of the area and excellent investment opportunities. There is no doubt that a huge number of people in the near future will want to live and develop their business here.