The city of Avcılar is located in the European part of the city of Istanbul. It is right in the center of Assenyurt, Beylikduzu. People in this city are familiar with its green space. Avcılar is one of the areas with a high social environment and a place for many who seek tranquility. It is away from the noise of crowded cities.

The city of Avcılar overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara and is close to Ataturk Airport 20 minutes away. It also features a 7 km long Corniche promenade with wide grassy areas.

In terms of services, the city of Avcılar contains the feast of the large hospitals spread in the city in addition to many health centers, schools, universities.

The Turkish government is currently working on the construction of the new Istanbul metro line. Thهس huge project connecting the city of Avcılar to the heart of Istanbul and its environs. Thus significantly reducing distances along the E5.

it is known by the affordable prices for real estate. these features promote the living in Avcilar in order to escape the cost of living in large cities and expensive life expenses. There has also been a great development in the number of cafes, restaurants, shops and entertainment venues, Scattered in the city.

The city also has many Islamic monuments and a destination for many tourists, due to its beautiful views on the coastal line of ​​Marmara sea, Küçükçekmece Lake and the large market of Marmara. It includes many shops and entertainment venues in addition to the centers dedicated to children’s playgrounds