The features and character of any region are not formed in a vacuum, but rather stem from its environment according to the general nature and the common characteristics within it. Through these characteristics, we can distinguish the area from residential to investment, to both. Today we are going to talk about one of the most ancient districts in Istanbul, which is the Atasehir district in Istanbul.

This prestigious area is located in the Asian Istanbul, and is bordered by areas of utmost investment importance, namely Maltepe and Kadikoy regions, and it also meets with the Uskudar region , Sanjak Tepe, Sultan Beyli.

Its surfaces are varied from plateaus to levels to mountains, which helped it become an attractive tourist area for people who love heights

Through what is known as “the hill of brides”, you can see Atasehir in Istanbul in a beautiful way, and you can then just by looking at it discover its importance through the urban development in it

Atasehir includes a number of skyscrapers, which have earned a high value for major international companies, and local and foreign capital owners to set up their business headquarters in.

It has an area of ​​about 27 km2, and is inhabited by about half a million people, according to the latest population survey.

While it is an area that attracts residents to it, it has attracted hundreds of companies, major factories and shops, who realized the extent of its importance and its interesting geographical location. As we mentioned, it is close to important areas.

It is also close to the Bosphorus Bridge, which is one of the most prominent landmarks of Istanbul, if not the most prominent at all. It is also close to the Kartal seaport, from which cruises depart towards the Princess Islands, Yalova and Bursa.

“This region will become the heart of the Turkish economy,” said the Turkish Appraisal Association, after conducting a detailed study of the regions.

It is a fact that is not fiction. Atasehir has become one of the lists of the Turkish economy, especially after the launch of the Istanbul International Center for Finance, which led to a change in the map of the economy in Istanbul. This center has attracted other local and international financial centers.

As for real estate in Atasehir, it offers promising real estate opportunities of high value, as the increase in real estate prices in the Atasehir district of Istanbul proves its real estate importance and has become an area with a unique urban overcrowding, as it included the most famous buildings and residential complexes, forcing the Istanbul municipality to Develop the infrastructure and make it one of the most modern in Istanbul