Istanbul, Turkey

After-Sales Services

After-Sales Services

At ESTAPORT we do not stop at the selling operations. Our services go beyond the purchase procedures, after completing the purchase we provide After-sales services, through a range of highly distinguished services.

Our After-sales services:

-Delivery of public government housing services (water, gas, electricity).

-Helping with the interior design of the property decoration and ensuring the elegant furniture from the most distinctive furniture companies.

-Managing the client’s property if it is for leasing and following-up the services with the renter.

-Resale of the property in case of the request of the customer.

– In case of purchase by installments, we follow-up the monthly installment paid by the customer to the construction company.

-Secure an easy acquirement of Turkish residence permit, in a legal manner and a short time, without exposure to legal violations and financial penalties.


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