A Glimp on Beylikdüzü

The city of Beylikdüzü is a green land, located on the European side of Istanbul. It is 40 km away from Istanbul city center and 30 km away from Taksim. Its location is right in between the new Istanbul airport and Istanbul Ataturk airport.


The Beylikdüzü area has a beautiful view on the side of the Marmara Sea. Its charming green land and soft, lovely climate make it a unique destination for visitors. Beylikdüzü characterized by urban architectural beauty. Recently, the Turkish government has received the attention of the administrative organization and the number of transportation, the establishment of hospitals and schools, and the provision of all services from markets and malls.

It has a Metrobüs line that connects it with the Avcılar straight to the city center of Istanbul. This feature encourages people to live in it, especially after the new establishment of several contemporary projects. These projects based on modern designs and international standards.

Important Places:

Sultan Süleyman Sarayı (Palace of Sultan Süleyman)

palace of sulaymen
palace of Sulayman

It is the number one destination for tourists, because of the accuracy and authenticity of Ottoman architecture. What makes it more distinctive is the roof built of pure lead.

The garden of Tepecik Çamlık


Tepecik Çamlık is the most suitable place for families to spend the holidays. It is quiet and close to the coast of Büyükçekmece with a large green area. It is also available for swimming.

TÜYAP Convention and Exhibition Center


It is a very ancient exhibition, yet, still one of the best places that display activities and events. It has been restored to become larger and more sophisticated.

The new Istanbul metro line will connect the city of Beylikdüzü along with the city center of Istanbul. It will shorten the distance and facilitates traffic. It directs the attention of investors to Beylikdüzü to establishment and investment projects within it.